Zeitversetzt: Pollensaison auf der Südhalbkugel

Pollen season in the Southern Hemisphere: Your Guide to an Allergy-Free Stay


To be clear, we are not here to promote air travel. In fact, it still happens that people, including the author (currently with her family down under), go to the southern hemisphere. Of course, we think about how our fellow sufferers with pollen allergies are doing.

So are you thinking about traveling to the Southern Hemisphere? Say goodbye to pollen allergies during your stay!

The transition from a European winter to an Australian summer poses challenges for pollen allergy sufferers. To ensure an allergy-free stay, we have collected tips from experienced travelers. Here you will find out how you can best prevent itchy eyes, sneezing fits and nasal congestion.

Choose your destination carefully :

If this is your first time traveling with hay fever, take a moment to check local websites for potential pollen hotspots. For example, Australian summer (December to February) marks peak pollen season. In regions like Victoria, severe thunderstorms can trigger asthma attacks. Which brings us to the next point:

Get a picture of where you are

Follow weather forecasts, use pollen forecasting apps, and research local websites to plan activities. This local pollen calendar is particularly helpful for Australia.

Height advantage:

Consider higher areas or coastal destinations with lower pollen levels. According to ECARF, pollen levels drop significantly above 2,000 meters.

Travel checklist:

  • Research medical care at your destination.
  • Check the availability of medications on site.
  • Pack copies of important medical documents and extra doses of medications.
  • Pre-order special menus if you suffer from Oral Food Syndrome.
  • Bring wet cleaning wipes, a hypoallergenic pillow, and a blanket for travel hygiene and personal comfort.
  • Carry an allergy card with you if you have one.
  • Make sure your health insurance covers you.

Choose the right time:

Don't let your pollen allergy stop you from enjoying outdoor activities. Plan outdoor activities when pollen levels are low, and if you bike, plan lunchtime rides. Always protect your eyes - and enjoy the ride!

BlossomUp wishes you an allergy-free and unforgettable time!

Do you have any comments, stories from your allergy-free (or allergy-rich) vacation, or anything else you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you.
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