Production with the highest quality standards

BlossomUp was developed in a laboratory in Switzerland. Production and packaging takes place in Switzerland. We work with the best manufacturers and offer the products directly, without intermediaries. This means we have control over the entire supply chain and can ensure the highest quality and production standards. All our partners have food safety certificates.

Developed by experts

Séb is a specialist in experimental immunology and has been working in the field of allergy research for over 16 years. He was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis at the age of eight and underwent desensitization for ten years. During all these years he suffered from sneezing fits, mood swings, fatigue, stuffy nose and itchy eyes. Since he was not satisfied with all these hay fever treatments, he decided 15 years ago to work on a solution himself to help people with the same problems. Based on various scientific studies, he created a combination of ingredients that reduce an allergic reaction.