Your ally for the pollen season, and beyond.

Natural ingredients supported by science, with proven effect.

Start loving spring, drink BlossomUp daily.

BlossomUp is a natural dietary supplement specifically developed to support your immune system.

  • quality guarantee

    The high quality of the natural ingredients, ensured by their careful processing, supply chain transparency and certification, is the foundation of our commitment to naturally improving the quality of life during the pollen season.

  • produced in switzerland

    Made in Switzerland - At the core of the BlossomUp brand lies a dedicated team of Swiss researchers, grappling with pollen allergies themselves, and a seamless collaboration with a local Swiss manufacturer

  • scientifically backed

    We are committed to ongoing refinement and advancement of our products, drawing inspiration from on-going scientific research and invaluable feedback from our customers

3 active ingredients. A unique formula.

  • Vitamin C

  • Bifidobacteria

  • Polyphenol Extract

The fruit mixture of acerola, orange, mandarin and goji contains natural vitamin C.

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The probiotics or bifidobacteria are among the most important microorganisms in the intestinal flora.

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Polyphenols are the most abundant antioxidant compounds in the human diet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Sneeze f.
Great Product

Taking it early in the season, so far so good! No allergies!


Ça m’aide bien

Thomas S.

BlossomUp Trinkpulver (1 Monat)

Nico K.
Keine Heuschnupfen Symptome mehr

Das ist meine zweite Rezensionen, da die erste nach einer Woche war. Die vollständige Wirkung tritt nach ca. 2 Wochen ein. Ich nehme den Saft früh am Morgen nach dem aufstehen. Mit einem Schüttelbecher bekommt man das Pulver schön gelöst. Ich bin sehr zufrieden, habe kein Heuschnupfen mehr seit der Einnahme gemerkt. Bin quasi Heuschnupfen frei SUPER!Ich werde es nächstes Jahr wieder kaufen. Bin so froh endlich was gefunden zu haben. Ich hoffe das Team hier forscht weiter dran, vielleicht bekommt man ja mit dem Saft irgendwann den Heuschnupfen komplett weg.

Manuela A.
Tip top

Sehr gut

This is how BlossomUp works when taken daily

  • quality guarantee

    Natural solution

    Contains acerola, a natural source of vitamin C that helps support the natural function of the immune system

  • Less fatigue

    We know how tired we can be during pollen season. Vitamin C helps reduce tiredness and fatigue during pollen season

  • Concentrate of active ingredients

    Contains polyphenols and live cultures of bifidobacteria