What are the ingredients in BlossomUp?

The ingredients of BlossomUp are: orange juice, tangerine juice, acerola powder, goji berry, apple polyphenol extract and Bifidobacterium longum.

What benefits can I expect from BlossomUp?

As a dietary supplement based on natural antioxidants and vitamin C in the fruit mix as well as the high-dose B.longum life culture, BlossomUp supports the natural protective shield in spring (and beyond). Our numerous, returning customers report increased well-being, more energy and a feeling of being less restricted by their allergies in everyday life. It is important to note here that BlossomUp is a dietary supplement and complements medical advice or treatment rather than replacing it.

How quickly will I feel a change after taking BlossomUp?

BlossomUp is a dietary supplement. The effects of BlossomUp vary depending on the individual and the regularity of taking BlossomUp. Based on published scientific studies, effects are measured after 4 to 12 weeks of use. Based on feedback from our customers, some noticed noticeable changes after just 3 days, while others only noticed the effect after 3 to 4 weeks.

You write that BlossomUp consists of natural, scientifically supported ingredients with tested effects. What can convince me to believe you?

he careful selection of our ingredients is based on decades of our own research as well as the results of clinical studies on populations of individuals with allergic rhinitis. We have compiled a selection of studies for you here. These natural ingredients come from fruits and bacteria (probiotics) found in the gut flora. We have provided an overview of the key studies here. And of course, we hope that the number of positive feedback visible on our website will convince you to try the product for yourself, and that soon you too can swear by it and promote it for us 🙂

Is the dosage for each ingredient suitable for me?

BlossomUp is a dietary supplement. It is important not to exceed the recommended daily dose (one per day). It is suitable for all adults and children aged 6 and over. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask your family doctor for advice.

How is BlossomUp different from other allergy products?

Everyone knows the physical symptoms of allergic rhinitis - runny nose, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, etc. But what many people are less aware of (especially non-allergy sufferers) is the impact that allergies can have on our behavior. Persistent fatigue can affect our mood and, in some cases, even lead to anxiety and depression.

As sufferers of allergic rhinitis, it was important for us to consider the entire symptoms in order to improve the quality of life of these individuals during the pollen season. We wanted to address allergic rhinitis holistically, and BlossomUp is the result of many years of research into antioxidants and probiotics. We selected the ingredients based on our research and clinical studies that showed positive results. The selected ingredients have been proven to relieve allergic rhinitis symptoms and mood disorders.

In our studies we didn't just look at the science; we also paid attention to consumers. We have found that a very large number of allergy sufferers take antihistamines and are looking for alternative, more natural solutions, preferably in the form of a preparation other than a pill.

BlossomUp is therefore the result of science and listening to the needs of allergy sufferers. It is a powdered dietary supplement that is dissolved in water. To maximize its supportive effect, it is recommended to start using it before the pollen season begins, which also sets us apart from our competitors.

Our goal is to help allergy sufferers stay in control of their allergies. BlossomUp is a dietary supplement and does not replace medical advice or medical treatment. It is a natural solution to improve the quality of life.

Are there any side effects when taking BlossomUp?

In rare cases, stomach rumbling can occur when taking it, which can be caused by bifidobacteria. If this is the case, we recommend starting with just the fruit mix and gradually getting your body used to the bifidobacteria. You can do this, among other things, by adding just a little of Sachet 2 and increasing the amount after a while.

I have a cross allergy and react not only to pollen, but also to apple. BlossomUp contains apple extract - is it still suitable for me?

Yes, BlossomUp is also suitable as a dietary supplement for people with cross-allergies.

Oral food syndrome sufferers react to apples because they have a cross-reaction between certain proteins in apples and similar proteins in other triggers, such as pollen. However, these specific proteins are not included in BlossomUp.

Which allergens do you declare for BlossomUp?

BlossomUp may contain traces of gluten, milk, lactose, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts.

Suitability & Use Instructions

Who is BlossomUp suitable for?

BlossomUp was developed for all pollen allergy sufferers aged 6 to 99.

How and for how long should I take BlossomUp?

We recommend taking BlossomUp daily for a month before and throughout the pollen season. One serving consists of two sachets. Sachet 1 contains the live cultures B.longum and sachet 2 contains the fruit mixture as a source of natural vitamin C and antioxidants. You can take BlossomUp at any time of the day and with or without a meal. However, most of our customers take it in the morning so as not to forget a day.

How long can I take BlossomUp?

In general, there is no limit to the intake of BlossomUp.

What should I do if I miss a dose of BlossomUp?

If you miss a dose of BlossomUp, simply follow the dosage recommendation and continue your routine the next day. We do not recommend increasing the dosage the next day.

Can I take more than one serving (1x sachet 1 and 1x sachet 2) per day?

No, BlossomUp is a dietary supplement with a specific dosage of active ingredients. It is important not to exceed the recommended daily dose.

How do I prepare BlossomUp?

First, put the powders from sachets 1 and 2 in a glass, then add a little cold water, stir until everything is completely dissolved and then dilute it to taste. Hot tip from a customer: less water is better and can be consumed in a similar way to a ginger shot. The order (first powder, then cold water) is also important for better dissolution. Be sure to use cold water, otherwise it will harm the bifidobacteria.

How do I use BlossomUp with other allergy medications (e.g. antihistamines)?

BlossomUp is not a substitute for medication or other treatment options. We strongly advise following your family doctor’s advice. BlossomUp can be included as a complementary dietary supplement in your holistic strategy for living with a pollen allergy.

Can I take BlossomUp together with other active ingredients (e.g. vitamins, caffeine)?

Yes! You can integrate BlossomUp into your normal everyday life and a balanced diet without any worries.

I'm pregnant, can I still take BlossomUp?

We advise against taking it during pregnancy or breastfeeding and refer you to your family doctor or gynecologist.

Can my children take BlossomUp?

We do not recommend BlossomUp for children under 6 years old.

How should I store BlossomUp?

The product should be protected from direct sunlight and not stored above 30°C.

Why does an odor develop when I mix the powder with water?

When preparing Blossom Up, some people notice a yeast-like smell. Don't worry, this comes from B.longum, is completely natural and absolutely not harmful. However, for some people it takes a bit of effort or it takes some getting used to at first. We hope this doesn't stop you from taking BlossomUp daily. (Maybe it helps to look at it from the perspective that not everything that tastes good is good for you...and vice versa 😀)

Shipping & Returns

How much are the shipping costs?

Free shipping on all orders !

Which countries does BlossomUp deliver to?

We currently deliver to Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. We hope to be able to offer additional delivery areas soon.

How long does the delivery take?

Delivery will usually arrive 1-3 days after you place your order. You will receive a tracking link via email once your order has been shipped from our warehouse. Here you can check the status of your delivery at any time. If you have any other questions, just email us at

Can I return my products?

If you change your mind, you can return BlossomUp up to 14 days after delivery for a full refund, provided the product is unused. To return it, simply send us an email to

Production & Procurement

Where and how is BlossomUp made?

Made in Switzerland, born in Ticino 🏔️

BlossomUp was developed and manufactured by our Chief Scientific Officer in a laboratory in Switzerland. Because this is a “Direct to Consumer” product, we have control over the entire supply chain and can ensure the highest quality. All our factories follow European production standards and have food safety certificates.

How do we ensure the quality of our ingredients?

Because this is a “Direct to Consumer” product, we have control over the entire supply chain and can ensure the highest quality. We select our suppliers based on their production quality and review all their processes and certifications. By controlling production, packaging and transportation for quality and contamination, we can ensure that BlossomUp meets all food safety requirements.